Friday, December 16, 2011

Picture Frames

A few months ago I found a tute over in for twig picture frames.

It's bundles of twigs tied together with ribbon to make a square and organza ribbon to hold the picture in the middle. Totally not sturdy enough for my peeps.

So I McGyvered my own.

Dollar store picture frames, hot glue gun and refills, twigs and to be different, a bucket of freshly picked acorns!

Kae had a great time finding sticks and filling a bucket with acorns. I'm still debating clear spray paint over the acorns, they don't seem to want to stay.....

Knitting Ornaments

I got two packages of clear glass ornament balls from Pam.

Stuffed with mini skeins of yarn ranging from lace to worsted. I found worsted actually worked best.

The knitting needles are toothpicks topped with beads.

Hopefully I'll get to go to knitting next Wednesday to give them out /sigh

I hate my husbands car...

Tile Coasters

I made these little gems for my mom, MIL and FIL. I am debating getting more tiles and paper to make a set for my dad.

It's just a 4x4 bath tile with scrapbooking paper decoupaged to it (makes them water proof!) and little felt squares hot glued to the backs.