Monday, June 29, 2015


We got a dog..

This is Dyson. He's a year old Hound/Lab mix that we got from Animal Control. 

He was already fixed, came with his shots and chipped. For $15. 

He and Connor get along really well.

Kae is getting there. She's still kinda scared of him.

Look at that face.

Oh Jeez it's back

The pit...

We went backwards to the pit.

It's become a running joke with our group, a game of "would your rather" and the other is always "cross the pit."

Would you rather have dinner with your in-laws OR cross the pit.

Would you rather potty train a toddler and a puppy OR cross the pit.

The pit.

 At least I didn't get stuck this time. I rolled an 18 of 20 and strutted my tiefling self right over. 

We found out that every time we don't push forward to the next room, we get jumped by more Kobalds. Not looking forward to next week. Maybe the DM will take pity on us. I mean, we retreated to the pit.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Desk demon

Saturday night my desk broke. The keyboard tray fell off. I was leaning on it ::shrug::

Then Sunday night, while we were sleeping the whole thing collapsed. La la la zzz zzz zzz crash! Sh*t! Dafuq was that?! 

So today the kids and I went to ikea. 

I got a bookshelf, and a laptop stand. Now I just need to find a chair, and I'll have a cozy reading/knitting/computing corner. 

The Pit

Our Dungeon Master, Nyomia, is one of the nicest people. I'm sure she expected us to figure out the pit, and finish the whole encounter in like, 2 hours.


That's me! Hanging from the edge, with my Raven laughing at me, and the elves face palming. 3 hours and we got across a 10 foot chasm.

We're special

May reading list

3.31 10 best college majors for your personality (5/30) library 5 stars 
2.30 Skirt a Day - Nicole Smith (5/?) library 3 stars 
1.29 The Dead Travel Fast - Eric Nuzum (5/?) library 5 stars

I didn't read much last month. I got distracted by video game lol