Saturday, February 23, 2013

One years old

Omg my baby is one!

I'm totally unprepared to have a toddler again.

We had a party today, it was just family, likes kae's first birthday.

Lots of food no one really wanted to eat lol.

Connor got a ton of stuff, lots of toys, and his new ride and push buggy from Grandpa Kevan. What's he doing? Playing with his buckets...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

January Reading List

1-1 Death’s Daughter - Amber Benson (1/8) - Audiobook/Free Overdrive
2-2 Queen Been and Wannabes - Rosalind Wiseman (1/15) - free/library
3-3 Oliver Twist - Charles Dickens (1/17) - free/library/gutenburg
4-4 Bloodlist - PN Elrod (1/23) - Audiobook/Free Overdrive
5-5 My Soul to Take - Rachel Vincent (1/31) - Free/Library

2 are on my 2013 reading list, i'm a slacker.

all were free, two were audioboks, not horrible. i listened while driving ross to work (he broke another car) and while using my spinning wheel.

my favorite of the books was My Soul to Take, i like Rachel Vincent's adult shifter series, though i've only read the first one, having a hard time finding the others at the library.

my least favorite is a toss between Bloodlist (predictable vampire noir PI mystery) and, sadly, Oliver Twist. I know i know, it's a CLASSIC...just because it's a classic doesn't mean i HAVE to like it. it was slow, and the language was painful (I love Jane Eyre, so it's not the victorian language...) it was...depressing... that might be it, it's depressing.

i'm currently reading The Forest of Hands and Teeth, which is for Book Club (with some friends from high school) it was my book pick, and so far it's ok. the writing style took some getting used to, but it works for the more suspenseful parts.

i'm also listening to The Lost Gate, mostly my audiobook choices depend on what's available on Overdrive from the library, this one sounded interesting. so far it's ok..just ok. i don't really like the person doing the reading. i think i'd like this book better if i was reading it myself. but i only have one more section to go (12 1.5hour long parts. /sigh).

I'm going to try and keep to my reading list a bit better this month, Sherlock Holmes being my classic read. after i finish book club, and library books i keep getting emails about "omg it's DUE!!" it's just two of them, really, i should be ok lol

Fish park

There is a park on Anchorage, next to the boat ramp and the dog park. Kae calls it the "fish" park because you can sit on a little pier and watch the fishes.

We took the kids this morning to blow of pancake energy