Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Foam Play

A lot of my posts will start with:

"I found this thing on Pinterest" yeah I'm one of those moms.

Todays Pinterest experiment was shaving cream play. Or foam, I used shaving cream.

The original pin had no directions, just a picture. Of a cute little guy running around in a bathing suit covered in foam. It said "a tarp and shaving cream"

Well I didn't want to buy a tarp I'd never use, so I got a dollar store shower liner and a can of raspier scented shaving foam. 

I immediately noticed that there would be a problem with wind blowing the tarp around. So we weighed down the edges with toys.

The next problem - the foam made the liner stick to the kids, so the weights were worthless. 

Connor HATES being messy...hates...
So this was a test of my patience. 

Ultimately they had fun.

Spraying them off with the hose was the best part for me >:)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer reading

Kaeley has homework for the summer :(

We always do reading, and I know the school wants them to keep at it, but this is Blarg.

It looks so happy

This contains her summer reading bingo sheet, directions for her book report poster. The public library summer reading program and the Barnes and Noble summer reading program.

She'd rather play on her computer

Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer schedule

I got this weekly planner dry erase board from the Dollar Tree about a month back, I figured it would be useful for summer, and later I could use it for Connor pre-school curriculum planning. Or to remind Ross when we have stuff scheduled >.<

This morning kae and I sat down and came up with our weekly summer schedule!

Media Monday - library, movies, computer, iPad. 

Take a trip Tuesday - park, beach, anywhere that involves the car and more than 15 minutes of driving

Wet n wild Wednesday - water, soap, water....

Toddler Thursday - this is a day to do stuff Connor will find fun, playmobil, the park, running in the sprinkler.

Fun Friday - anything fits into this
category, going out, crafts, cooking. If it's fun it fits ;)

We'll be working on a couple Girl Scout Patches this summer, and weekends are free for Daddy Time. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The purge

It took 2 hours to go through SOME of Kae's clothes.

We didn't get to the closet....

I did manage to talk her into giving up a lot of shirts, and she has a few items that are "I'll wear them for summer and when school starts they can go".

I also managed to purge her shoes!

This was our goodwill haul on Friday.

--my brother is moving out tomorrow, the more we purge now, the less we have to move!--

Weigh in - week 4

Yeah yeah, the first 2 weeks I didn't have a scale! This is technically week 4

This week I did a water weight detox, and cut as much sodium as possible from my diet. It involves a lot of cooking from scratch, which is time consuming. But myfitnesspal counts cooking and cleaning as calorie burning activities!

Start weight - 231
Last weigh in - 227
This week - 221

I've also added this

It's smack in the middle of my computer desktop. And the background on my phone. 10 more pounds and I get new yoga pants ;)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

In Suuuuummmmmmmmmerrrrr

As my 2 year old would sing....over and over and over again.

So last summer I set the bar by making kaeley a summer fun bucket that she got to dig into on the last day of school. 

This year I had to do something similar, or better, but on a budget.

It all pretty much came from dollar tree.

- time and money workbook
- word search book
- school summer reading program folder
  This also has the public library one and
  The B&N summer reading program
- beads to make a bookmark
- multiplication flash cards
- summer fun art journal
- pokemon booster packs
- dinosaur bones dig kits
- glitter play dough
- velvet posters
- dinosaur trace book and stickers
- library tote

- color and shape flash cards 
- number flash cards
- doc McStuffins coloring book
- cars coloring books
- robot watercolor sheets
- bingo dotter for hand/eye
- Spider-Man magic cloth
- library tote
- plastic sheet and shaving cream (sensory play)

She's also been saving up all the craft kits she's gotten all year for afternoon time. Since Connor naps and it usually rains. 

Tomorrow we'll sit down and make our weekly schedule, and a list of stuff kae wants to do. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

One Down

So last night was our last Girl Scout meeting of this scout year. We bridged one girl up to Juniors, and I'm super sad to see her go. She was a natural leader, and really funny.

We did a lot of fun stuff this year! Had a baby shower to collect items for infants and toddlers in need.
We sold nuts/candy/magazines!
Our troop did a super awesome beach cleanup!
We also sold a ton of Girl Scout cookies ;)
Foods drives, science experiments, online safety! 

And the science museum sleepover!!

They were busy girls. 

I made the girls goodie bags, each contained an address book that I'd written each girls address in for them to keep in touch, a gs pencil, a bracelet (make new friends!!!), and a BFF necklace. 

One year of brownies down, one more to go until juniors. And then I retire from the world of Girl Scout troop leading and let someone else have all the fun ;)

Project 333 update

So it's been a week. I've discovered that 

A) Ross has 3x as much clothes as I do
B) I could live on half of what I kept
C) Ross is a hoarder...

So I instituted this idea I saw on Pinterest! (Isn't that always the way?)

Here are mine
One garment per hanger. I haven't even headed to the closet while getting dressed this week...

And Ross!
As you can see he has twice as many, and some have already been worn, washed and hung back up. 

I told him anything he hasn't made an effort to wear it going away. And he can't replace it until he loses 10 pounds >.<

I'm going to make kaeley purge her clothes on Friday, and do the same hanger trick. She has way too much clothing, and hardly wears somevof it before she outgrows it! 

May Reading List

1-39 The Gunslinger - Stephen King (5/11) free/library
2-40 I Am Malala - Malala Yousafzai (5/14) free/library
3-41 The Honest Toddler (5/15) free/library
4-42 The Magicians - Lev Grossman (5/19) free/library
5-43 Touchstone - Melanie Rawn (5/24) free/library

Favorites, I am Malala and The Honest Toddler.

least favorites, The Magicians. Whiney, draco malfoy. youarenotaspeshulsnowflake!!!!

everything else was just Meh, i'm a huge stephen king fan, and i wasn't impressed with The Gunslinger. though my mom and brother assure me the series gets so much better once we're not in the Wild west with Roland. we'll see, it's on my list.

Touchstone was great if you love the theatre, and fantasy books. it was ok for me, but i felt lost, like i missed a short story that explained the background of the world.