Saturday, January 30, 2010

Drama Llama

Yup, he strikes again!

Yahoo groups, can be a wonderful thing. about 8 years ago I started a yahoo group for Taphophiles, Cemetery Photography, people who find beauty in that sort of thing, i personally do. I'm also a little weird. I have hundreds upon hundreds of pictures I've taken in cemeteries all over the state.
The group fell by the wayside when i moved to St. Lucie and had no Internet access, so i set mods to keep it going in my stead, they, over the years, since i got married and had my daughter, have also let it go.

So suddenly, like, January 10Th, a couple people decided to revive the group! Not that I mind, really, I'll even give the group to someone else, as long as they uphold the groups ONLY rule, the Grave Marker/Memorial is the focal point, not a prop.

It's turning into a freaking war /cry

Email really isn't the best way to make a point. Internet communication doesn't translate sarcasm or jokes well.

and something that's just a gentle reminder, sometimes comes off as Snark, or seems condescending.

It's frustrating, and draining. Miscommunication. Yahoo being slow so messages are delivered too late and there are mix ups in what someone said.

All i can do is shake my head, it makes me want to cry. I put YEARS into that group, building it to what it was at the height of it's activity, we had contests, assignments, put out t-shirts and calendars! and now, I'm just "the owner" i don't even have a name to these people, who are accusing me of being lazy, when i don't even f-ing know who they are.

so i pulled all my pictures, I'll hand the group over because i don't want to be the bad guy, and i don't have the time to rebuild the group and be as active as i was in it, Kaeley takes too much time, and I'm really not sorry for that.

As sad as it makes me, i guess i'll just let things fall into whatever place they need to. I don't need this headache, and i don't need the drain.
The email I wrote to the group, explaining myself, yeah, i actually EXPLAINED myself and my position, it just drained me so much, i don't feel like doing anything. WoW is out of the question, and i just don't even feel like knitting a row on the "mystery item!" I'm making for the Folklore and Fairytale swap.

Maybe I'll just go to bed.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Yup, that's me, i'm a slacker.

most of the time

But i'm working on it, really! Today i hung up my John William Waterhouse picture that Ross got me for christmas in 2008 and got framed for my Birthday in 2009

Waterhouse is my absolute favorite artist, ever. I have 4 of his prints now, though i don't have Circe Invidiosa, which really is my all time favorite.

I'm plugging away on these fingerless gloves, i've had one finished for a week, the second one has been sitting here, mocking me. I've had to rip it out 3 times because i keep screwing up on the thumb hole. But no more, today i will finish!!

I got my Pen Pal package off to Idaho yesterday /squee, i hope Britt likes it =D

oh, and i made Kae's dr's appointment so we can finally look into getting her VPK voucher to get her started with the whole..School...Thing...yay.

Ravelympics, 2 weeks away, give or take, i'm doing Short Track Shawl, should be interesting!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One Of Those Days...

so Grandma Pam gave Kae these foam flowers, they're about 6-7 inches across and pastel...Ross...dearest ross...gave Kae a couple (4) of these little craft-time flowers to play with in the shower (we don't have a bath tub, so our shower is fulled with little foam toys and rubber duckies)...

So i get up this morning, not in a hurry, but needing to get out, run errands and get home by a certain time..i turn on the shower and sit down to check my email while it warms up (Freak freak FREAK cold front this week...) and when i go back in there, the ENTIRE bathroom is flooded..


turns out kae keeps those little flowers over the drain in the shower to keep the water in so she gets to sorta have a bath..yay me.

i've used every towel in the house i could find to clean this mess up.

next item to purchase, one of those little bathroom nets for kid's toys!


Thursday, January 21, 2010


so many new things the last couple weeks

Ross is 30..he's sad, but not so sad that he won't complain about helping me put together my new desk!

which is a really spiffy corner desk takes up so much less space, my Stash can move in now =D

i've gone back to the e-bil that is World of Warcraft. playing mostly on our alliance server (anetheron) though i did start a couple characters on Dreanor, the server the Rav guilds are on. Though i haven't made contact yet, i don't play them often.

I got a set of size 8, 9-inch circular needles by KA, bought them on when i purchased Ross' birthday present, i'm half done with a set of fingerless gloves!
They're the Alice Mitt's pattern. i had a bit of trouble with the part where it says to knit back and forth for the thumb hole, but i figured it out and finished the first one at Knit Night last night. (which, on par with the last couple weeks, was a blast!)

Next week (wednesday the 27th) Jordana Paige is going to be selling off her slightly imperfect bags for $50 +Shipping, with the $50 from each sale going to Doctors without Borders. Which is an organization that i truly believe in. I talked to Ross and hopefully i'll be able to get my hands on a Knitter's Satchel. Handbags for Haiti . Check it out!!

Other than that i'm plugging away on a Baktus, I need to make Kae a dr's appointment, and i need to weed through my stash before it moves in to the bedroom to organize it.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


holy cow it's cold, and we're in florida! The news said it might snow tonight. While on one hand that's really cool, on the other i REALLY don't want to attempt to drive in it. Though, the ground doesn't get cold enough for it to stick. So.../shrug

Though Kae's been getting a lot of use out of her scarf i made her for Christmas! It matches her Hello Kitty jacket perfectly! (and looks darn cute with her Gir hat!!!)

Wednesday i went to the local knitting group. They meet at the bookstore cafe about 4 minutes from my house. And since Ross has Wed. off again, i get to go! I had a great time, the ladies were all really nice, and a couple even offered to teach me how to knit socks!!!! omg, yay! I'm so glad i get to go now. And Ross even told me he'd make sure he gets Wednesday's off for the foreseeable future so i can keep going.

I'm having a hard time with the Cables for my Cable Vision poncho. Let's not mention how i had to rip it 13 rows in because i didn't cast on enough (324 is ALOT x13 to rip...blah) so now i'm 5 rows into it again.

I knit myself an Ebook case for my Ebookwise machine. I used some handspun my mom brought me from a Farmer's Market in Iowa City when she was there last year. It's purple-ish. When i looked up the fiber artist, i found out it's spun up from something called and "Ugly Batt" makes sense, it's ugly in a sorta pretty way. Reminds me of spun up/knit up Dryer Lint. But my ebook is cozy, and i used a couple more buttons from Grandma Wonick's old bucket.

I also cast on for a Baktus today. I'm using some sock yarn i had in my stash, I can't decide if i'm going to keep it or give it to mom. it's blue, so might give it to mom and see if i can get my hands on some other pretty yarn to make a Lacy Baktus for myself.

February 1st the Shawl-a-long for the Needle Harvest group on Rav starts. I'm going to make a simple triangular shawl using Lionbrand Homespun in Barrington. And again if I like how it turns out, i'm going to buy some Blue to make one for mom, Terry's Birthday was Feb 1st. It's going to be hard on mom again this year. And i can't help but think of Shawls as hugs. (despite my b*tching, i love my mom).
I'm also doing the Shawl event for the Ravelympics. /squee!

stay toasty!

Monday, January 4, 2010


so what's up for this year?

my 10 year high school reunion
my baby turns 5 (waaaaa)
my mom turns 50! hehehe
my husband turns 30 ..also laughing on this one, he's so freaked out about it.

me, i'm just chillin'.

I've got some goals this year, the first, which i've already started, is to knit more for me. so far this year i've made a cowl for myself and i cast on today for the Cable Vision Poncho by Lionsbrand. Having issues with the yarn amounts for it though. To make the 1x/2x size, it calls for 12 balls of Wool-Ease. So i went to Joanns with my trusty gift card, and they only had 3 skeins. So i went to Micheals (Was on the way home!) and they only had 2. Our walmart carries homespun, but none of the other lines of Lionsbrand. So hopefully i'll get my hands on the other 7 skeins that i need before i hit the halfway point.

I joined the 52 books in 52 weeks group on Ravelry, my goal is 200+ books this year. At the rate i'm going, i probably won't make it. I just can't seem to get sucked in to anything so far.

The Needle Harvest group is doing a Shawl-A-Long, i'm just not sure when it's going to start, but i've got the yarn and pattern set aside for that. I just hope it doesn't interfere with the Ravelympics, though i could do the Shawl category, i was hoping to do the Afghan one with the Mayfield Afghan by Lionsbrand (i like their patterns, can you tell?). We'll see how it goes, if i even really bother with it, Christmas was just so stressful with my deadlines, i'd like to just knit at my own pace.

And that's another one of my goals, to knit at least a present a month to be prepared for christmas time, i think this year i'll work on mittens for everyone in Colorado, and a sweater or shirt for my mom. My brother a hat, and sadly, my husband is off the knit-list. He doesn't really appreciate handmade (and he won't wear handknit socks..tard). I'm also going to try and do the Hello Kitty Hat on needles instead of a loom for kaeley, to replace the one she grew out of.

No, it doesn't get that cold in florida..says me, who's wrapped up in a blanket, wishing for a snuggie, while it's 30-something degrees outside.

as an aside, i finished the gauge swatches for Bird's Nest Yarns and filled out the questionairre, that got in the mail back to it's nest today. Was so much fun, and a total learning experience for me!