Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Reading List

1-10 The Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa (3/2) - free/Gail loan
2-11 Summer’s Crossing - Julie Kagawa (3/2) - free/nook
3-12 The Iron Knight - Julie Kagawa (3/3) - Free/Gail loan
4-13 Harvest Moon - C.L. Bevill (3/3) - free/iBooks
5-14 The Fallen Star - Jessica Sorenson (3/5) - $.99/nook
6-15 The Ghost Hunter - Lori Brighton (3/12) - free/iBooks
7-16 First Light - Jean Rush (3/13) - free/iBooks
8-17 Superheroes (Philosophy and Pop Culture) - William Irwin (3/15) - free/nook
9-18 The Son of Neptune - Rick Riordan (3/15) - free/library
10-19 The Guardian - Sherrilyn Kenyon (3/16) - free/library
11-20 The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins (3/18) - free/library
12-21 Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins (3/19) - free/library
13-22 Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins (3/20) - free/library
14-23 Infamous - Sherrilyn Kenyon (3/21) - free/library
15-24 Wings - Aprilynne Pike (3/23) - free/nook
16-25 The Finding - Nicky Charles (3/26) - free/nook
17-26 Kiss Me Deadly - Michele Hauf (3/31) - free/nook re-read

My favorites were the hunger games trilogy. It shames me to know I was so stubborn about reading such a great series. Sorry :)

My least favorite was Wings, it's another take on Fae, personally the only redeeming character in this book was Tamani, and he has such a brief part it wasn't much.

My non fiction was philosophy and comic books. So not totally non fiction but very good. I'd downloaded it for Ross and never seem to hand him my nook to read it.

All in all I spent 99 cents on books this month. Though I did splurge on some 3 for $5 clearance books at the BaM today /sigh

Puppies and Kitties

Today kae's daisy troop went to the Peggy Adams animal shelter to drop off the blankets and towels they collected for a program called Snuggles and Cuddles.

This program collects old blankets, towels, and sheets for inside the cages at humane society shelters.

The girls got to take a tour of the cat room and pet a friendly black cat, and pet a really happy golden retriever puppy.

The shelter was also holding an adoption faire. Their goal was to find forever homes for 50 cats and 50 dogs. And while they were all adorable, we managed to get out of dodge without adopting one!

It was fun and the girls had a good time and learned something!

Friday, March 23, 2012

One Month

Connor is a month old (yesterday technically).

So far we still have no real schedule other than I can expect my day to start somewhere between 4am and 7am. He sleeps in 3-5 hour chunks at night and usually about 4 total during the day.

He's also teething. We have one erupted tooth on the top already. Yay

He's still not big enough for his cloth diapers /sigh

Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Birthday

This week is the 100th Birthday of the Girl Scouts!

There was so much going on in celebration, it was hard to decide what Kae's Daisy troop should do to celebrate, should they participate in the talent show? Go to the skating rink party?

We decided to have a Build-A-Bear party! The store has special 100th birthday bears and mini versions of the official uniforms! Kae got a bear, Millie, a uniform, and two patches, one for her uniform and one for her bears. The whole thing is super cute!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Late night feedings

Well as usual it's 4am and I'm feeding Connor.
I'm not complaining! Just saying, mommy doesn't get much sleep these days.
My usual routine involves checking Facebook, my email, pinterest, playing draw something and pocket frogs.
But I've also been reading with nook and iBooks on my phone/iPad/nook, I've finished 9 books this month already.

But I still havent figured out how to knit/crochet while he's eating /sigh

Photo bomb

Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Reading List

1-8 The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa (2/5) -free/Gail loan
2-9 Don’t Know Much About Mythology - Kenneth Davis (2/20) Free/Nook


but i made this!