Sunday, March 8, 2015

My coat

Well, my sewing adventure went pffffft

I finished my turkish vest. But it doesn't fit. I measured a billion times, and it ended up too small. Simplicity patterns either run really small, or my mom the advanced seamer measured wrong.

Disappointment from my coat aside, I also made a windmill bag. And I'm very happy with how that turned out. I'm looking around for another easy project I can make for me. I have a whole pinterest board started.


How could I forget to post about Connor's birthday?!?!?!

Buddy got his new big boy bed from Grandma Debbie

We went to cartoon cuts to get another haircut. Pretty sure they gave me back the wrong kid. That is not my baby

We played in the kids area at the Wellington mall

Loves his new baby Conner

And the train set that has kept him busy for literally a month.

Daddy Daughter Dance

Friday night was the Daddy Daughter Dance at Kae's school. This is her 4th year in attendance. It's gotten progressively more organized, and expensive.

This years theme was Aloha

Because my daughter cares about themes lol. Glow in the dark black skull nails.

Some people are flower headed, no two people are not on fire. 

My pretty girl

Ready to go.

And because my husband can be a complete ass (like all men) he immediately started texting me to remove his picture from facebook. This was my response:

I personally like the Afro one the best