Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rant Rant Rant

I just needed a non-friend outlet to rant on this, since i'm sure everyone around me is so bored of hearing about it.

I work at JoAnn Fabric's and Crafts. most of the time i'm the register monkey, but i loved my job.

until we got a new store manager. Ed. Mr. Ed the horse-faced man.
and just like the talking horse, his lips are moving but nothing worthwhile is coming out.

because of him everyone's hours got cut. Which is understandable. really. But then people left, and for some reason those hours didn't get evenly distributed.

Couple weeks ago it was mentioned to me that i would be great for management. I talked to the District Manager and basically had an interview, it was all very promising. I would be in training, which would give me hours, but allow more hours for other people who needed them, and then by the time School starts for kae in August/September, i'd be full time and probably salary.

And then this weeks schedule was put out. I was on for three days, Sunday, Tuesday and Friday. Ok, three days isn't so bad. it's summer, season is over, we still have a ton of people who work there, i can be ok with 12 hours in a week, and then Friday i check again, to see if it's changed, i got crossed off Sunday. Ok...9 hours it is.

Then yesterday (After a wonderful trip to the Morikami - which i will blog about next) Ross and i stopped to get some super glue to fix his car..don't ask. And i decided to check the schedule again.

See we're responsible for checking our own schedule, they change it randomly and don't call anyone to let them know it's changed. Then people are late, or don't show up, or show up and aren't on the schedule anymore, and get written up. So you have to call EVERYDAY or go in EVERYDAY to check to make sure you're not getting screwed.

I work one day next week.
I'm relegated to the "we don't like you so you only get one shift" category that they put Mike in.

I offer to work nights, they give them to this one woman, who makes salary working as a teacher full time. I offer to do truck, so we can get rid of mike, and they give them to the bitch who shall remain nameless, I got crossed off Friday and those hours were hand-written in for said bitch. i just don't get why people who are working at JoAnns as a second job, or are retired and just want to get out of the house, are getting more hours than someone who actually WANTS to be there.

I read reviews and things online for JoAnn fabrics. People going on business sites and complaining about how rude the employees are, how much they hate the coupon stipulations, and so many more things.

If the company would work harder to make their employees happy, like not letting salary employees hours take away from hourly employees hours, actually giving raises with reviews, or firing people who have more than 3 write-ups, we'd be happier, and happier employees means happier customers. happier customers come in more often. As it is, i went from LOVING my job, to feeling this rage in the pit of my stomach. I DREAD going to work now, when i didn't before.

I like the people, i like helping people, i like getting the chance to be crafty vicariously. So i'm going to keep with it, hoping that maybe next week will be different. But it's depressing. so depressing.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


it's not my best art.

usually my imagination is way better than my actual handiness with my sewing machine.

but i promised i'd attempt to make a dent in all this scrap fabric laying around!

So, first i made a Pillowcase Dress for Kaeley using two clearance fat quarters from work, kae likes it, but now i know what to do differently next time!

then i got out the pre-quilted (a-la vera bradley) fabric i had and made my nook case, I made it specifically so the cover i already have for it fits in there too. (had some issues with the iron-on velcro /sigh)

Then i started on what i hope to sell on Etsy or Art Fire. Aromatherapy Pillows.

This one is 3in x 8in and scented with Lavender and Cloves. It can go in the microwave for sore muscles and the freezer for headaches!

They'll all be the same size i think, just different fabric.

I'll probably bring the pillow to knitting to get some feedback.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Knit Love Into It

so Kaeley and i have both been happy busy making charity hats!

kaeley on the looms from Grandma pam. (she's slowed down but i expect one more) and me on my needles.

we've done 4 and i've got two more to hand over.

it's a great stash buster, and for a good cause. Knit Love Into It

We met Jennifer at Knit in the Park a couple weeks ago, she's wonderful, and so driven with such a big heart!

You can hear her talk about her charity and why she set it up at the Lilypad Podcast

other than that i've been plugging away on my EZ shawl (i had nasty yarn barf the other night and put it down so as not to throw it across the room)
and reading, so far i'm averaging 2.5 books a week!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Book List

my list of books read for February


1-15 The Devil’s Due - Jenna Black (2/2)
2-16 Love, Unexpectedly - Susan Fox (2/3)
3-17 Misguided Angel Blue Bloods Book 6 - Melissa De La Cruz (2/4)
4-18 Into The Dark - Gena Showalter (2/5)
5-19 Sensational Knitted Socks - Charlene Schurch (2/9)
6-20 Grave Peril - Jim Butcher (2/10)
7-21 Vampire Kisses - Ellen Schreiber (2/11)
8-22 ShadowFever - Karen Marie Moning (2/18)
9-23 Firelight - Sophie Jordan (2/19)
10-24 Ever - Gail Carson Levine (2/21)
11-25 Nightshade - Andrea Cremer (2/24)
12-26 The Princess and the Penis - RJ Silver (2/24) short story but funny
13-27 The Mating - Nicky Charles (2/25)
14-28 A Taste of Crimson - Marjorie M. Liu (2/28)

My favorite was, without a doubt, Shadowfever by Moning. I loved this series and i'm pretty happy with how it ended. I also know she's writing a spin off series. So that'll be interesting.

my LEAST favorite was probably Ever by Gail Carson Levine, i didn't like the way it was written, though i did like the premise.