Friday, November 1, 2013

October Reading List

1. Fantasy Lover - Kenyon
2. Dark Lover - Kenyon 

Both re-reads

3. Carnival of Souls - Melissa Marr

Favorite of the month. This first book in a new adult series was FANTASIC. It's that rare genre between YA and Adult, and I'm really looking forward to the next one.

Happy Halloween!

We went candy begging with Gail and Kids again this year!

Our little devil

He's so enthusiastic.

And we had a fangless vampire:

One of get canines is loose so the caps wouldn't work.

Practice run at home.

Where be the candy?!

Our motley crew, Cinderella, Thor, a vampire and the Devil. Plus two gypsies, a nerd, and my husband, "the tired salary-man". Cibderalla told him that was boring and his costume sucked. Schooled by a 4 year old!

Grandma Debbie says she's throwingca Halloween party next year for all the kids because treating down here is so lame.