Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Thrifty Me

I've been buying Christmas presents for people already, mostly the kids. Money has been crazy the last few months. So I get little things here and there, mostly with my Scentsy paychecks ;)

The other day we were at the greenwise publix and kae saw these 

Mind you this IS real makeup. It's just marketed to girls in a fancy box. It is lighter colors, but the price O.o nope!

Kae wanted it pretty badly though, we compromised, and I told her we'd put it on her Christmas list.

So yesterday I was at dollar tree, and what do ya know?! They haz makeup!

I actually get most of mine from dollar tree, feeling pretty doesn't have to break the bank people.

I also raised my Ipsy stash, I had a hot pink bag from February, the lip gloss in bright pink, and the sparkly red nail polish already. Two eye shadows and a lipstick, $3.18. I still need to get a blush, since I actually have a set of brushes and pitch the little ones that come with my stuff, I didn't have one she could keep. 

So, makeup for the girl? $5 ish. Taking pictures of her crazy blue eyeshadow? Freaking priceless!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gamer - extra life

As most of my friends know, I'm a gamer. Most people love me for it anyway. Except my mom, she thinks it's pointless /shrug. She started it (yeah, that game gear you bought me in 5th grade, uh huh)

So about 11 years ago, ok 10 years and 7 month. Ross and I picked up Everquest. It was the bane of our existence, I raided, he hated it. We jumped ship to eq2, then I played WoW and he played CoH, eventually he fell out of gaming online. I never did.

Out of nostalgia I hacked my own everquest account a few months ago, and started playing again, casually. There are no more raids, no one I used to play with is still there, but I can run around the old zones and remember all the fun and craziness. The drama, and the friendships. I still have a few people I talk to that I met in game ;)

Going through my bank I started finding quest parts...lots of parts. Epic quest parts. Now for those not in the know, epic quests are just that, really long quests, with a lot of sub quests, hunting for rare things in ugly places, and killing stuff that's really hard, and might not drop the piece you need. I thought, I should finish these!

And finish them I did!

First was Naideri, my High Elf enchanter. She's by far my favorite character to play in any video game. Seriously. She got her Staff of the Serpent Saturday night after Doctor Who, I checked Fear with my Druid and the last named was up. The snake on the stick moves, and hisses at people I don't like. 

Then today came Numinya, I logged her in and YAY! The ghost in City of Mist finally spawned. So numi got Innoruuk's Curse. She's my very first character, a Dark Elf ShadowKnight. She's also the Guild Leader of Carpe Mortis, and my highest level character. 

I'm very proud of myself. I have a few little quests to finish, the greenmist sk katana, and the coldain prayer shawl on my Druid and Enchanter. Then I think my account may lapse again. The game just isn't the same. 

Now for Extra Life. This is a gaming fundraiser I have done for the last three years. You raise money for the Children's Miracle Network by marathon playing video games. I'll be playing Archeage and Everquest. And splitting it over 3 days instead of in one session, because children. I'll post the link to my fundraiser page.

Don't want to donate? Then join! ANY game works, iphone, iPad, consol, Facebook, PC. No one cares, and it's for a really great cause. 

Thanks for putting up with my geek ;)


Some might have noticed that kae got a haircut



Grandma Debbie took her as part of her birthday present, along with a ton if really awesome clothes, and those sparkly bobs in the above picture.

I'm considering cutting my hair and donating it to locks for love, this month, in honor of my grandmother who died of cancer. I'll post about it if I do ;)

Late Birthday

So my little girl had a birthday on Saturday. She's not so little anymore ::sigh:: she's 9, NINE!

So here is a photo bomb 

A fish tank from grandma Debbie

Coraline (book and audio) from Connor

Hot pink boom box from mom and dad

iPod shuffle from grandpa Kevan

Hot pink headphones (and an ihome) from g-pa

Walking with dinosaurs! Her favorite present.

She also got some iTunes gift cards that she used to buy music for her player

She's a happy happy girl

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I'm a Dork

today I signed up to launch my name into space! I'm going to have Ross and Kaeley do it too, Connor can't come, he doesn't have an email address.



here is the link if you want to come to space with us ;)

Orion First Flight

you get frequent flyer miles for signing up, but i haz no idea what i can use them for lol


Connor is coming too