Saturday, September 26, 2015

Growing up

When you become a parent, you resolve to give your kids the things you never had. I'm pretty sure all new parents think it at some point, especially during the pregnancy, before you realize, you never had a lot of those things because they are expensive.

I stopped to think last night, I also want my kids to have the things I DID have. I had friends, I had sleepovers. I had Girl Scout camp and band and jrotc. I was free to pursue my interests and hobbies. And my mom never told me no.

I mean, of course she told me "no". But when I wanted to be a Girl Scout, she signed me up, and dropped me off for meetings, and was even cookie mom every year I was a scout. 

When I was in band, she found a way to get me a flute. She put up with my terrible skills while I practiced at home, she came to every single concert and competition. 

And when I joined JROTC, she supported that too. She paid for my uniform, my dues, picked me up from practice every day. And chaperoned our out of town field meets. 

When I took a photography class with a lab, my mom found a way for me to have a camera. When I played in a metal band, she helped me get my bass guitar. 

My mother never stunted my creativity. Or my interests.

I want to be that mom.

Kaeley has a wonderful opportunity to be in band in 4th grade. She got fitted for an instrument yesterday and got picked as a clarinet. I am super proud. Now to find a clarinet.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Whoops - July Reading List

6.46 Unbound - Jim C Hines (7/24) library 5 Stars 
5.45 He’s My Only Vampire - Aya Shouoto (7/?) borrow/Shellie 2 Stars 
4. 44 Indian Summer - Aaron Mahnke (7/?) own/nook 4 Stars 
3.43 The Story of Owen - E.K. Johnson (7/?) library 2 stars 
2.42 Island of the Blue Dolphins - Scott O’Dell (7/?) own reread 5 stars 
1.41 The Wrath & The Dawn - Renee Ahdieh (7/1) library 5 stars

seriously?!! how did i forget this? well, kaeley was on a trip out of state, connor was being a handful. I missed my girl, we'll blame it on that.

As you can see i don't have exact finish dates for july. because i'm a slacker. 

Unbound. this series i suggest to everyone who reads. it's a series of books about BOOK MAGIC. like, how awesome is that?

He's my only vampire was bad. like, why did i read this bad. like, i want that hour of my life back bad. 

Indian Summer. Ok, first off, i love Aaron Mahnke. I love his Lore podcast, it's my favorite and i gobble it down every two weeks when it's released. So to support him, i bought his books (except the newest one, i haven't gotten it yet). This one was a little slow, and a bit predictable. but i think that's only because this is a genre i read all the time. It was still enjoyable. and i read the entire thing in his voice. Really, go download the 2nd episode of the Lore Podcast from iTunes. you'll understand what i mean.

the story of owen...dragons. in canada. i didn't love it

Island of the blue dolphin was a re-read with kaeley for her summer reading program. 

The Wrath and the Dawn. I can't say enough good things about this book. it's a retelling of 1001 Arabian Nights. I cannot WAIT for the second one. 

August Reading List

3.49 Days of Blood and Starlight - Laini Taylor (8/25) free/library 5 stars 
2.48 Dog Training for Dummies - Jack Volhard (8/16) free/library 3 stars 
1.47 Dragonbane - Kenyon (8/16) free/library 5 stars

so yeah, not much recreational reading time right now. I started back at college in August, and in all the prep and cramming for the placement tests, i haven't had much reading time for ME.

I'm totally counting my textbooks towards my totals.

Dragonbane and Days of Blood and Starlight were both excellent reads. Kenyon is awesome. I've read bad things about the final book in the Laini Taylor series. and i'm debating reading it. I'd rather stop now than read a heartbreaking ending i think. which i know, makes me lame. 

but i'm the chick who refuses to read any more of the Kim Harrison Witch series because i don't want one of my favorite characters to die. if i don't read it, it won't happen!