Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August Reading List

3.49 Days of Blood and Starlight - Laini Taylor (8/25) free/library 5 stars 
2.48 Dog Training for Dummies - Jack Volhard (8/16) free/library 3 stars 
1.47 Dragonbane - Kenyon (8/16) free/library 5 stars

so yeah, not much recreational reading time right now. I started back at college in August, and in all the prep and cramming for the placement tests, i haven't had much reading time for ME.

I'm totally counting my textbooks towards my totals.

Dragonbane and Days of Blood and Starlight were both excellent reads. Kenyon is awesome. I've read bad things about the final book in the Laini Taylor series. and i'm debating reading it. I'd rather stop now than read a heartbreaking ending i think. which i know, makes me lame. 

but i'm the chick who refuses to read any more of the Kim Harrison Witch series because i don't want one of my favorite characters to die. if i don't read it, it won't happen! 

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