Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Little Inventor

For the last two months kae's class has been learning about inventions.

First they studied the history of an invention, made a timeline, and predicted the future of the item. Kae's was all about books. She learned about the invention of the Printing press and moveable type. she learned about the first AudioBooks and the invention of the E-reader. Her prediction for the future of books is that e-readers will get thinner and thinner until they are as thin as a piece of paper. I believe it, how about you?

Then they did a group invention to try and alter public transportation. Kae's table did a "Bus Train" it's a bus that runs on a solar powered track to save energy, and goes off the tracks for stops and runs on hybrid electric/gas.

But Train

Finally she had to invent her own project to make the world a better place. Kae wracked her brain for days, making lists, I hated to break her heart but most of the things she came up with were already invented. She finally settled on a "Home Water Recycler".

The way it works:

Advertisement for the Water Recycler
Use water sparingly (as usual) turn off the faucet while brushing teeth, use high efficiency washing machine, only run full loads of laundry and dishes. Take quick showers.
The water that does get used goes through a special set of pipes to a big tank buried under the house. This goes to a filter system with a hose and sprinkler.The water then gets used to water the plants, wash cars, and water the lawn. If the tank gets full, there is an emergency overflow to the regular water main.

Kae insisted that her project be made with ONLY recycled materials. We used a Girl Scout cookie case, a K-cup from daddy's coffee, a soda can, plastic straws, and old fake flowers. (Plus a ton of hot glue, omg). We painted using house pain leftover from the bathroom and the kid's room, and old green Christmas paints.

I helped, with the ruler making straight lines, the hot glue, and cutting the soda can. But this was all kaeley. And I'm super proud of my little girl. Not just for how smart she is, but being so environmentally conscious at such a young age, and really wanting to make a difference!

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Asylum

Most days in our house the inmates are running the asylum. Case in point, kaeley made a wall down the middle of the patio, one side was hers, the other Connor's.

She then scolded him for leaving his area. After that they sat down and made a bird nest out of palm fronds.

Then Inmate #2 decided to make a bid for freedom. He didn't get far before the warden caught him and dragged him back.

The gate has been locked to prevent future attempts.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Cloth diapers and us

*I* started cloth diapering Connor at 8 weeks. We had weight gain issues and he didn't fit into the econobums until 12 weeks. Around 7 I bought some newborn prefolds and covers because I was sick of the diaper rash, and the cost.

Ross has staunchly refused to use them. I bought one size pockets to make it easier for him. Still nope.

Since I do the grocery shopping, the last three times I've "forgotten" to buy sposies. So he's been using the pockets with varying luck, the snaps piss him off.

He finally gets his car back from the shop. Before he even gets home he stops and buys cigarettes (waste of fu-king money!!) AND mandumb much?!

I just laughed because he bought them too small, so they may fit for a week on my fatboy.

When kawaii restocks I'm getting Velcro pockets. No more damn disposable diapers!!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Loggerhead Marine Life Center

Yesterday our 2nd year Daisy Troop went to the South Florida Marine Life Center. Locally we call it the loggerhead center or "the turtle place".

The local GS council offers a patch program for the girls to earn. We were lucky, one of our moms works for the president of the center's board, so we got a super special video, and a tour, including the medical center.

The center took in 15 of the cape cod frostbite turtles and have already rehabbed and released 5.

Unfortunately the girls are still too young to go to the night walks to watch the turtles lay eggs. But we found out there have already been 2 nests by leatherbacks this season. (And a ton of other turtle related stats!)

Leatherback turtles are Medusavores. This called because they live on....jellyfish!

February reading list

1-6 The Forest of Hands and Teeth - Carrie Ryan (2/3) free/library ebook
2-7 The Lost Gate - Orson Scott Card (2/4) Free/Audiobook Overdrive
3-8 Dark Lover - JR Ward (2/7) free/library re-read
4-9 Lover Eternal - JR Ward (2/8) free/library re-read
5-10 Dark Star - Bethany Frenette (2/11) free/library
6-11 Lover Awakened - JR Ward (2/12) free/library re-read
7-12 Lover Revealed - JR Ward (2/13) free/library re-read
8-13 Lover Unbound - JR Ward (2/18) free/library re-read
9-14 Lover Enshrined - JR Ward (2/25) free/library re-read
10-15 Lover Avenged - JR Ward (2/27) free/library re-read

The forest of hands and teeth was for book club (that hasn't met yet /sigh)
I didn't make my classic or non-fic for the month. I'll try and get back on track lol

Re-reading the Black Dagger Brotherhood books for the release of Lover at Last in march...sometime...I have it on hold at the library already!

Daddy Daughter Dance

Friday night was the daddy daughter dance at school. Obviously I have no pics from the dance itself, but I have prep pics!

Kae wore a hot pink leopard print dress, with her hot pink tights and shiney black patent leather shoes.

We did her hair in a low side sock bun with mommy made bobby pins. She loved it and got a TON of compliments (especially on her hair!)

We did have a few issues with girls from her class, but she found her BFF from last year and all was happy and sparkly in her world.