Monday, August 19, 2013

First day - second grade

Today was the first day of school in palm beach county. Kae started second grade!

We got up a little early for cinnamon rolls.

Then off to school

The shoes were a gift from my friend robin's daughter Emily. Everyone loves them.

The lunchbox is a most awesome creation. I'll need to pack less lunch tomorrow. She barely ate anything.

Parent pick up was psychotic. The line was backed up almost a mile, 30 minutes before school for out, and no one in the back would let the buses through!

Kae actually had homework ::boggle:: though just a reading log for the week.

And now she's asleep with a fever of 100 ::sigh::

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Annual Zoo Trip

It seems we do a trip to the palm beach zoo at the same time every year. Hot, humid...summer.


But the bratlings LOVE it.

This year we were supposed to go on a Girl Scout event. Which was cancelled, but much like the Christmas parade cancellation, no one was notified. So kae was disappointed not to get her patch and learn about animal conservation.

Our council is really bad about this. I'll be mentioning it at the service unit meeting next week. 

Now for zoo pic!

Polar bears are terrifyingly huge

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Grassy Waters

We went on a little family hike this morning to Grassy Waters Preserve. We're all about the natures!

We hiked a little over two miles over catwalks in the swamp

We used the charity miles app on my phone to hike for The Nature Conservancy. 2.3 miles and 5 "breaths"

There were some great views. I wish I'd brought my good camera.

In the end, was this

Save the rivers

Lake okeechobee is gross.

The big sugar farms and processing plants out there dump their chemical runoff in the lake.

Which is already nasty because of the farm runoff directly from Orlando going through direct canals to the lake.

Because of all the rain we've been getting, they've had to open the pumps and drain down the lake. 

The chemical soup in lake okee has been feeding a very violent green algae, which has been killing plants, fish, alligators, manatees, and porpoise in the Indian river lagoon and the saint Lucie inlet. 

The Indian river lagoon is one of the most diverse aquatic ecosystems in Florida, it's a protected lagoon, and on many lists as a must see aquatic area IN THE WORLD. 

It's also a breeding ground for endangered manatees.

Draining the lake into this sanctuary has changed the salinity of the water, and the new algae is causing not only animals, but PEOPLE to get sick, and yes, die.

Touching the water causes a rash, too much exposure causes painful tumors, swallowing the water causes severe sickness and possibly death.

Yesterday our family went to a protest rally and march to save the rivers. We signed a lot of petitions and listened to a lot of speakers. We were 4 of over 6000 that marched.

We can only hope that Gov. Scott gets his head and big sugar out of his ass to fix this. Come election time methinks he's screwed.

Friday, August 2, 2013

July Reading List

1-34 The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa (7/1) free/library
2-35 Dead Ever After - Charlaine Harris (7/5) Free/library
3-36 Affliction - Laurell K Hamilton (7/10) free/library
4-37 Once Dead, Twice Shy - Kim Harrison (7/17) Audiobook/Free/Overdrive
5-38 the ocean at the end of the lane - Neil gaiman (7/23) free/library

Favorites, The Eternity Cure and Affliction. I'm happy with ow Anita is headed and SUPER excited to know the next book LKH is working on is Merry again, I missed Frost and The Darkness.

least favorite, Dead Ever After. My opinion, considering how many times i had to try and read the first book, is just...well..i didn't like it. i expected...more. it's the end, of sookie, and it was...anti-climactic.