Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bad week

Went to stay at moms to babysit her spoiled cats. We got there Thursday morning, 20 minutes after we arrive I find out Ross' grandma Ellen passed away.

Ellen was a librarian. She loved books so much, read anything, and always gave the gift of reading. I've decided that 100% of pattern sales for the rest of this year are being donated to the palm beach county public library, in her name. Psst, pass it along!

We came home Tuesday morning after cleaning up our mess. Mom called, everything seemed fine. She was tired and hungry. Apparently the town they stayed in for shafiek's wedding didn't allow chain stores of any kind, so the food was granola crunchy, over-priced tiny portions.
Tuesday night I get a call from my mom, she's in the er, they're keeping her overnight for testing.
The prognosis seems to be, the problem is the result of surgery she had a few years ago, a complication that should have either happened during recovery from that or not at all. The fix is more surgery. She's lost so much blood already, they've done three transfusions. She told them, do the fix, I don't have time for this.

I'm worried sick about my mom. I cuddle my kids and try not to be freaked out. But it's almost as scary as her cancer surgery 8 years ago.

I'm working prayers into the shawl I've knitting for her. It helps keep me calm, I think both she and I need that

Friday, June 15, 2012

Stupid Yarn

I got this lime green wool from Peggy a while back. The plan was to make something felted with it.

The first skein I tried to overdye with purple, that didn't work, purple on green makes brown. It became a camo soaker for Connor.

Part of another skein became the legs and drawstring for a second soaker.

And I used some for a crochet charity hat going to Afghans for Afghans.

This left me with almost two whole skeins of sport/heavy fingering green wool...ugly green wool.

So I tried to dye it blue! I thought, blue over the green should make almost teal? it did not.

5 packs of blue kool-aid did NOTHING!

It's still ugly green....

Wwkip week 2012 catchup

So I'm a little behind
Kids do that

Tuesday we went to moms, no public knitting there!

Wednesday we went to Dubois and I got historical site and beach!

Thursday we hit the library to sign up for the reading programs,they wouldn't let me sign Connor up even though the sign said 0+ years!! Though kae is excited, as usual :)

Today we're just running errands, I just need one more point on my second card to have Fiber! On both. Hurray!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wwkip 2012 day 2

Today we went out and hit a couple places on my Fiber card.

I got fast food restaurant, Lys and in a store for past, present, future comics. I wanted to hit a historical site, but Ross spent half an hour screaming at everything trying to navigate downtown lake worth.

I only have a few more to win on one card, and more than a few on the second card :)

Also today I yarn bombed!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

WWKIP 2012 Day 1

This year the kip hunt is a big public knitting bingo game! Which is really cool and I hope we do it this way again next year, this is a test and we can refine, and hopefully get more players! Especially since we're trying to open it up country wide.

Anyway, with two kids now it's much harder to get my spaces, I've snagged a few I knew I'd never make it to, and I'm working in some I know I can.

For example my two yarn bombings!

Also tonight I got full service restaurant, we went to Friday's, and the service was crap, but the food was good, and really, I didn't feel like cooking, meal plan or not.

I tried to get Ross to take a pic of me crocheting with Connor on my lap, but he wouldn't.

Hopefully I'll get a slot 6or two of my own tomorrow!

Friday, June 8, 2012

First day of summer

It rained

All day

Epic fail

Kae kept occupied with a couple things while Connor napped. She used her busy binder to practice writing and math. She took a billion pictures with her camera, and surprisingly the pain chip matching game kept her busy for over an hour.

She also read a frog and toad level two reader!

But the best was making her very own belly dance hair falls.

She cut the strands of yarn, looped it onto the hair tie and tied the beads on!
We're going to build her a whole costume piece by piece this summer.

And I finished crocheting a hat for charity!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Busy Binder

So yesterday and today I spent a good amount of time getting things ready for kae to start summer vacation.

I built a "Busy Binder". The problem was that all the "Busy Books" I saw had activities for kids much younger than my brat. So I customized based on what she likes to do.

What it includes: (I'll come back and add links when I'm on my computer)

- book club sleeve
A book list of 35 books she hasn't read yet, that the library suggested for her grade level.
The Barnes and noble print out for their book club
The library's book club sheet
The schools book club sheet.

- handwriting sleeve
Upper and lowercase letters in standard and cursive.
1st grade sight word flash cards

- math sleeves
Counting money
Telling time
Addition and subtraction

- science sleeve
A toy she got from Wendy's on identifying tree leaves
Our girl scout agenda for the 'Daisy Flower Garden' journey book
sea turtle coloring pages and posters

Plus some extra things, I found a game on pinterest that involves paint chips on a keyring for matching colors (in or out of the house).
At Walmart today I got a Build your own Disney princess book kit for $9 on clearance and a really cheap clearance digital camera.

Also in the binder is her orienteering/letterboxing kit, which includes her notebook, inkpad (pink) and will include a stamp we are making as a project next week, plus her plastic compass. Yes it works lol. (also I have one on my phone just in case)

The reason the printouts are in plastic sleeves is so she can write on them with dry erase marker, wipe them clean and do the sheets again. I printed out different math sheets to rotate them to change things up.

I'm going to add some Florida bird and wildflower coloring pages and bingo cards, as well as a reading bingo card. Then as she notices things while outdoors she can take pictures, color pictures and earn treats.

That and I bought an ispy game for wii just in case it rains!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Look out below!

Photo bomb

I lurve my kids

Memorial Day

Kae finally held still long enough for pictures with her great grandparents.

Mine all passed before I was born, or very very young, so to me this is a big deal.

Also I snagged a pic of kae with her uncle Zachary, my 13 year old half brother

May Reading List

1-36 Glimmerglass - Jenna Black (5/1) - free/library
2-37 Tiger’s Voyage - Colleen Houck (5/2) - free/library
3-38 How to Date a Werewolf - Rose Pressey (5/21) - Free/Kindle
4-39 Fair Game - Patricia Briggs (5/22) - Free/Library
5-40 To the Princess Bound - Sara King (5/23) - free/kindle
6-41 Tender is the Knight - Jamaica Layne (5/25) - free/kindle
7-42 Kade’s Dark Embrace - Kym Grosso (5/29) - free/kindle

Favorites were probably Tiger's Voyage and Fair Game. I Heart Patricia Briggs and the Mercy/Alpha-omega books. And the Tiger's books have grown on me, i'm looking forward to the last one in September.

least favorite was How to Date a Werewolf. it was long and never really went anywhere, lost of crap happened but none of it was particularly vital to the story line. It's what i get for reading free kindle books....