Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tattoo Faeries - Caplet Pattern

The Winter Girl Caplet!

I finally finished it and translated the pattern from Paula to Regular Knitter code, i have a bizarre form of knitting shorthand that i use when i write things down, mostly the problem is my handwriting =D

This is Based on Donia, the Winter Girl from Melissa Marr's Tattoo Faerie books, in Particular the book Wicked Lovely. I'm not going to post spoilers, but let's say that as Winter Girl, Donia lives in a world of eternal cold, ice and snow. I thought a Caplet would be fitting, I also took my inspiration for the pattern not only from the book, but the yarn Jess dyed up, and the book's Cover, the flowers.

Kae took the pictures, i love how she got her toys in
The pattern will be available with purchase of the Donia Colorway of Jesse's Storied Yarns Tattoo Faerie Knit-A-Long. After the KAL is finished in October i'll be releasing it for sale on Ravelry, along with the 2 or 3 other patterns I'm writing to go along with the event!

I think this may by my Christmas Party wrap with a little black dress.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My First Phat Box!

My Phatfiber box came yesterday!(but i didn't get it until today because I forgot to get the mail...drrrrr)!!! It's my very First box, and it's a very cool thing.

I got a few different sets of stitch markers, a little star from Crafty Dragon Creations, a pretty little flower from Wings N Scales, a PURPLE yarn ball stitch marker from YarnDemon Designs, a stretchy ring stitch marker from Dawning Dreams, and an Austrian Jasper and Gold stitch marker from Light Brown Hare.

Light Brown Hare also had a whole little folder of samples, Fingering Weight in 7 different colors! I got some pink "Petals" color from Serendipitous Ewe, some Titania Fingering weight from Cantrix, a mini of A Midsummer's Twilight from StrickenSmitten, Donia AND Ash from Storied Yarns, some "A Midsummer Night's Surprise" Handspun from Coolclimates Handspun Yarns, and A Midsummer Night's Dream by Color Bug Yarns, which came with a little glass butterfly attached.

A Pattern for Handspun Hair Bows by Treasure Goddess.

and FIBER!!
"A Midsummer Night's Dream" by Bitsy Knits, Mohair Roving by Avalon Springs Farm, Moonlight fiber by MamaJudes, Enchanted Embrace by Wild Hare (OMG LOVE!!), A Midsummer Night's Dream by CozyCove, a sample of some seriously bright Yellow bamboo by Silver Sun Alpacas, Elves and Fairies by Natchwoolie (soft and squishy!). And my absolute favorite, Enchanted Forest by Spinnerette Fibers.

Pictures to come later today =D

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

KIP Week - The End

Finally over (As of saturday, i know i'm a bit late). I needed to veg. I kept kae and i so busy all week, i just needed a couple days to recover.

Though i'm not really vegging. I'm almost done with my citron, just one more increase row and the ruffle left, i got a lot done on my Rose Colored Tank, mostly while watching Burn Notice here at home. heh.

But last night my yarn from Jess at Storied Yarns arrived. She and I are collaborating on a Knit-a-long! Donia and Bananach showed up yesterday, Ash and Seth should be here sometime this week, and i started writing my very first pattern last night. I'm doing a Winter Girl Caplet, a Summer Girl Scarf, and a pair of fingerless mitts. The yarn for the mitts is also part of a Spin-a-long (Seth is a pain in the @ss, but it's ok, he's Seth!). And by October i hope to have Bananach's shawl all ready to go.
The patterns will be exclusive to the KAL until it's finished in October, and then they'll be up on Ravelry, i think to purchase (but i'm not sure yet, either way, they'll be available in October).

I'm also gearing up for the Tour De Fleece! Thus far my list is:

Unseelie Court Batt - CorgiHill Farms - Team Tale Spin (Folklore and Fairytale Group)
Cobalt Glass - CorgiHill Farms - Team Savethebohopuppies
"Dragon" Colorway 100% Silk - Crazy Plum Ranch - Team Tale Spin
Pigeon Colorway - Gift from Sandi - Team Golden Treasure Coast (Local team)

seeing as how i only have 3 bobbins, i think the silk will be spindle spun, and the Unseelie Court batt is only 2 oz of fiber, i already spun up half of it. The Cobalt Glass is going to be as close to Malabrigo Lace as i can get it to make a citron for my mom with. and the Pigeon is BFL and will be my last leg of the race comfort fiber. Total that's 11 ounces of Fiber to spin.

Friday, June 18, 2010

KIP Week - Day 7

Not much happened today, it was kinda drizzly and rainy most of the afternoon, and like 90 something degrees by 11am. Yeah, so not diggin that. Kae, Ross and I went to the Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach. They're a rescue center for Sea Turtles. Inside is a museum of sorts, with fish tanks and lots of sea turtle skeletons. There was one for a prehistoric sea turtle called an Archelon, but the docent wouldn't let me take a picture of my knitting with it (no pictures inside) so i snapped one out front before going through the rest of the place.

Outside, it looks so different from when i went there as a child. MASSIVE is a good word for it. There is a play area for little kids, the Tanks with the rescue turtles in them, a Library, A hospital, and the main building with the museum and the gift shop. Unfortunately the petting tank was being cleaned. there was also a really REALLY sad, hurt turtle in one of the shallow tanks, he looked like he'd been hit by a speed boat prop. We didn't really let kae see that, she would have cried.

All in all it was a fun, if not short trip.

In other news, i'm 12 (long) rows from being finished with my Citron.

And Kae is now 2 hours into her 10 hours for the Public Library Reading Program. Who knew that if i handed her a stack of books and told her to read until the over timer went off she'd do it? /shrug

Thursday, June 17, 2010

KIP Week - Day 6

So the plan was to get to the movies this morning, then the mall and the play area that looks like a giant breakfast serving. Didn't work out as planned. Ross decided to join us, and he talked kaeley out of the movies.
So we just hit the mall and the play area (I figure i'm going to beat Sandi anyway muhahaha).

First we got rather lost, seeing as how we walked right past the mall map.....twice....
But Kae had a blast, and while i get a point for it, really, the point is to have fun, and when she's having fun, so am I.
Amazingly she listened when i told her if she started grabbing kids we were leaving, there was no grabbing (every kid is her best friend, whether they know it or not). We were able to leave with minimal tears, and the promise of Pizza.
I also got my bonus point for the pic of Dave at the BK in Jupiter. My brother is a goof, he's also probably THE Funniest person I know, he uses humor to get through the tough situations in life, and he works hard, so i respect him, and pick on him like no one else will EVER be allowed to do.
So that's 3 more points today.

Tomorrow Kae and I hit the Loggerhead Museum and Conservation Center in Juno Beach. I used to go there for girl scouts, and when i was a little older to volunteer for Community Service in high school. I think kae will love it, she loves animals!

Saturday Knitting in Stuart (And maybe an emergency run to JoAnns in Jensen, i'm almost out the Victorian Rose Caron Simply Soft i need for mom's Rose Colored tank - These pictured wip kips)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

KIP Week - Day 5

This morning Kaeley and i got up SUPER EARLY!! yeah, that's right, i got up early. why? because i promised my child i'd take her to the beach, yeah, that's right, you heard me, me and the beach became one...i hate sand, really, i do.

But kae had a blast, so it was worth it.

I also got a Knit in Public Hunt point for it, Two actually since i'm a Tree Hugging Dirt Worshiping Hippy and got a House of Worship point for it as well, SCORE!

after our adventure at the beach, and an entire bucket of sea shells collected to bring home, Kae and I hit Denny's to Break our Fasts. Mommy demanded French Toast! Kae at all her breakfast, and then we went home and she fell asleep on the couch watching Dora. Too pooped to pop is a good thing with a 4 year old!
I got a point at Denny's for a Sit Down Restaurant, and French Toast to boot.

I've been posting what the next day's plan is to give everyone a heads up and a fair(ish) chance to plan around me, Again, my points count for nothing, for me it's a way to keep Kaeley busy and not be stuck in my boring house all day.

So tomorrow (Thursday) the plan is to go to the Movie Theater at 10am to see the Free Family Movie at the Regal Theater on 4-41. Followed by playtime at the Breakfast Playground at the Wellington Mall, and the bonus point for Dave at BK when i pick him up from work tomorrow. for a recap, this is Movie Theater point, Mall point, Playground point, and the Dave bonus for Fast Food.

Friday we're going to the Loggerhead Center in Juno, they have a Museum inside and a conservation center outside that offers hour long class sessions for children. So that's a Museum Point and a School Point.

Saturday gonna go knit with the Chix with Stix in Stuart (bringing the Gailie too!) for my Knitting with a group that isn't my normal group point.

And the Awards dinner is Saturday Evening at the Panera on Village Blvd @ 6:30pm ish.

This has been such a fun week, and i've found in my research all sorts of fun FREE stuff kaeley and i can do all summer so she's not vegging in front of the tv all day. This is good, eet makes me happy. Ross is so jealous we're having fun while he has to work muahahahahaha

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

KIP Week - Day 4

Yesterday was busy, but everything i did i either already had points for or wouldn't get any. We went to the Post office (No points) so i used the little automatic postage machine rather than waiting in the line. The Grocery store, Kae wouldn't go in the cart and we only did light shopping, (and there was no line to wait in, YAY!)

Today was a different story! Kaeley and i went to the library in Jupiter.
IT.Was.PACKED. blah. But we managed to do a couple things, Get kae some books, Get ME some books, got in a little knitting while kae read to herself, I got kae signed up for a Summer Reading program, she gets points for every 15 minutes she reads or is read to, and she can get prizes. Great incentive and a great program. I also got Kae in to hear story time, even though she was too old for today's group they let her, nice librarians! (Stone Soup is a great story BTW)

After the library we went to BK (Again) to get some lunch and try and catch Uncle Dave unawares for the bonus point, i thought a Candid picture might be pretty funny. But he moves too fast!! the picture blurred like crazy and while i was deleting it to take another one, he ran off to drive-thru. Dave works really hard, I didn't tell him about the bonus point for having pictures with him, so he's probably going to kill me. /shrug oh well

After we picked up our lunch we went to a nearby park, when i mean nearby i mean, you can walk through the park to the Jupiter Library parking lot, which i didn't know we could do, but i do now! I don't recommend eating outside in summer in Florida, holy cow the flies. And then as soon as Kae was "done" eating and took off for the playground equipment, it started raining. We hauled butt back to the car, only to have it stop. She got to play for a little while, until the Maintenance people came to spray for ants and blow the leaves around. And I sat on a bench in the shade knitting and drinking my lemonade while the other parent there looked at me like I'd lost my damn mind. Maybe I have, but i learned that i don't need to be all over Kae while she plays, i just need to keep one eye on her AT.ALL.TIMES.

So that's what? 2 points today? maybe i can get the bonus point with Dave when i go to pick him up this afternoon from work.

Tomorrow the plan is - hopefully - to get to the beach uber early before it gets hot and while kae collects sea shells i can knit, then we can swim for a little while and come home. Beach is a point, I'm also going to knit night tomorrow night, which should be a point, even if it is my normal knitting group. I'm going to look into the Free Kids movies at Muvico theaters that Sandi reminded me of, maybe Thursday with a Trip to the Mall for those points.

It's a lot harder than i thought to actually plan a bunch of outings and make time to knit during each one, harder with Kaeley along, but infinitely more fun =D

Sunday, June 13, 2010

KIP Week - Day 2

Today was day two of the Gold Coast KIP Hunt, i'm on a roll!

i'm having a bonus purpose for going places i go anyway, the library, the grocery store, the park/playground, the post office!

Today Kaeley and i made an emergency run to Walmart, i needed a new bathing suit, she was very happy to help me pick a new one while Ross looked at video games (standard /sigh). And while we waited for daddy to check out, we say near the door and knit. Kae holding my Rose Colored Tank at Wally World
When we arrived home from the store, Grandma Debbie was here for a trip to the pool! (which is why i needed a bathing suit.....and spf 9 billion sunscreen). While Mom was helping Kae exhaust herself in the shallow end of our development's "big pool" i sat in the shade and worked on the same Tank Top =D

So today i got two more points, Knitting at Grocery Store/Walmart and Knitting at the pool, neither of these had extra points options, but it's still two points.

Oh, for reference, none of my points count for anything, other people will get credit for beating the mods, it had an impact on the awarding of prizes, but i don't get any prizes =D

speaking of prizes, a couple of my friends have donated some really great stuff, Jesse of Storied Yarns hand-dyed a colorway just for this event, based on a Children's book, it's so pretty! and Diana of Fiber-Fancy has donated two gift certificates for her shop! We've also got some of Sandi's Handspun!

don't worry, we're looking at doing this as an annual event, so if you didn't get to play this year, there is always next years KIP Week!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Knit in Public Week - Day 1

Today is World Wide Knit in Public day! it's also the kick off for The Great Gold Cost KIP Hunt (kip being short for Knit in Public).

The plan was to take Kaeley to the park this morning, that would have gotten a grueling (ie hot as hell) part of the list out of the way. But no no, it had to rain, like, only in Jupiter...bah.

Tomorrow we hit the pool with Grandma, but in the mean time, pictures of my Public knitting.
i'm so lucky kae is happy and proud of my knitting, she yelled at a guy at Burger King who was pointing and making mean comments. "You leave my mommy alone!" i loves my baby girl.

so far on the list my two categories, Knitting in the Car (extra point for being the driver!) and Kniting at a Fast Food place. Pool and Grocery Store are on the plan for tomorrow