Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mommy and me crafts

Over the weekend we made a family trip to the library. I'm especially fond of these because the kids get to see that, yes, in fact, daddy CAN read.

I had put on hold all the weaving books our public library had to offer, they've been trickling in, including one on weaving baskets (no) and a history of weaving book written by my 12th grade AP English/Art History teacher (f-ing awesome!). But the best so far has been a book called:

Kids Weaving by Sara Swett.

In it is a diagram to make an upright loom with 2 heddles using PVC pipe. It's basically a tapestry loom. That a child can't easily destroy.

I made two.

One for kae and one for me. She saw a pattern in the book for a pieced blanket she really wants to make for Connor.

I got everything at home depot for about $20, and it took me less than an hour to cut and assemble all the pieces, though I do need to get shuttles for both, there are directions for making them from Popsicle/craft sticks in the book.

They're sitting on the patio, so kae will see them when she gets home from school. I'm hoping to get them warped by the weekend so we can get started :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Recipe time

I haven't posted a recipe on my blog in a while!

I meal plan these days, and typically I get all my recipes from pinterest. It's expanded my cooking skills, and the types of things my family eats. Kae is a much better eater. And she loves to help cook!

So tonight we had creamy ranch chicken.

You'll need:

- 3-4 chicken breasts (I used frozen boneless skinless)
- 1 can cream of chicken soup
- 1 8oz package of onion cream cheese
- 1 package noodles
- 1 package ranch dressing powder mix

Put the chicken in your crock pot!
Mix the ranch dressing and the soup in a bowl.
Add cream cheese and soup mix to crock pot!
Cover and cook
- thawed on low 3-4 hours
- frozen on low 6-7 hours

I shredded the chicken while I mixed up the sauce and added a drained can of peas, which I served over twisty noodles :D

Kae ate all hers, Ross told me its on the "make again" list. I can't taste anything, I have the sick. But I trust that it's good if the girl eats her food ;)

August reading list

Both were bad, bad kindle books. Sometimes the free books are great...sometimes no,

Bad to the bone
The mystic wolves

The second wasn't as bad as the first, but I have no desire to read the sequel