Thursday, December 20, 2012


When I was young, it wasn't called bullying. A kid picked on you, you grew thicker skin. These days, someone calls you blonde and it can be considered bullying.

I though kae was just over sensitive to things, that her idea of getting picked on was just her blowing things out of proportion.

I was wrong.

We went to kae's class today for their winter celebration.

It was chaos, the kids were running around like Pygmy warriors. But not a single one even said hello to Kaeley, or invited her to play with them. Not even the girls in her scout troop.

Also not a single parent acknowledged that Ross or I existed. I'm pretty sure the teacher only did because she had to. Even my assistant girl scout troop leader ignored me.

Children learn by example. And I've come to find out, via eavesdropping, that they have group play dates, every single day, and kae is the only kid excluded.

At the parent conference with kae's teacher it was expressed to me that there are people who don't think kae should be in a gifted class....who gets to say that? If it was teachers, counselors, I could understand, but other parents? Who gives a fuck what they think?!?!? The bitch step ford wives who volunteer don't get to decide.

I've decided I'm done with them, my assistant leader can do the rest of the scout year, since they hate my daughter and I so much, I'll sit and knit while she handles 11 seven year olds alone, like I've been doing while she gossips.

The problem becomes, of I try and protect kaeley from this, will I make it worse by keeping her from them. Am I making her more of a social outcast by keeping her from the petty bitches than hurting her feelings by forcing her to interact with them to spite the selfish moms... /sigh

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Parent teacher conference

Ever feel like the world is judging you? Your parenting skills?

Kae's progress report came home today. She's below grade level in handwriting....and has no ability to manage conflict.

Ok I know kae is really sensitive, she gets upset easily, she doesnt handle bullying well, she doesn't handle criticism well. She's SEVEN...

We've had a lot of upsets this year, Connor being born, the "incident", daddy probably changing jobs. We've had some conflict. She's having to share her room now, and her parents.

The teacher says, no need to be alarmed. But this [jnsert profanity here] called Dcf on us. So my knee jerk reaction is to go in with my dukes up.

It doesn't help that I'll have both kids with me because Ross can't ever be home to help with this.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

November Reading list

1-69 Southern living Christmas cookbooks vol 1 (11/11) - free/library
2-70 southern living Christmas desserts (11/11) - free/library
3-71 the three shepards daughter - Gillian Summers (11/28) - free/Gail loan

Yeah, really exciting.

The Tree Shepherd's Daughter is a YA Fey book. I was told to prepare for mass hatred of the main character Keelie. That she'd annoy the hell out of me in just a couple pages. I was pleasantly surprised. Keelie wasn't as bad as some teenagers, considering the situation.

If I'd been in her situation, I'd have been SOOOOO much worse....yeah.

Anyway, I'm not totally psyched for Renn Faire 2013!

Time to pull my Bellydance stuff out of storage and put my Gypsy costume back together!