Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March Book List

4.22 - The Walking Dead vol 2 - Robert Kirkman (3/30) - library - 4 Stars
3.21 - Dead Heat - Patricia Briggs (3/20) - library - 5 Stars!!!!
2.20 - Trigger Warning - Neil Gaiman (3/5) - library - 5 Stars
1.19 - One Yard Wonders - Rebecca Yaker (3/2) - library - 4 stars

favorite this month was Dead Heat. I love Patricia Briggs, and i LOVE her urban fantasy series (her high fantasy i've never read, but i'm sure it's excellent). This book is an Alpha and Omega book with Anna and Charles, and i think we're finally catching up time-wise to the main series with Mercy. though, she could just keep writing A&O books until she catches up....i'd be ok with that....

i didn't have a least favorite, Trigger Warning was excellent, as usual for Mr Gaiman, i've yet to dislike something by him, even the Sandman comics are fantastic.

speaking of comics, i've been reading the Walking Dead comic, and trying not to pass the show, because i like them as separate entities. volume two is pretty much entirely the prison. i do see how much they left out of the show though, and what's changed, and that's fun.

i'm behind on my reading goal for the year by 2 books, so i'll need to pick up my pace this month. and read more crap from my shelves, and less from the library (As i look at the two books i checked out on monday sitting on my desk....)