Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Craft Time!

I've been paying more attention to my planner and all the fun things that can go into it. Right now I'm carrying the small size PlanAhead ring planner, it's the same size as a Personal Filofax, but not as pretty.

I tried dressing it up with duct tape, it didn't go well. So it's plain black. I also have to fill in my own dates, so it's only filled out until December. I have hopes that I'll get a new, pretty planner for Christmas. And then Kae can have this one.

I also discovered Midori and Fauxdori planners. And I want one. With printables, they're so customizable. And I've been spending much time on etsy deciding what I need. In the meantime o thought. I can make one!

Well, sorta.

I started with pink and black felt I already had in my craft stuff, and glued it together with spray on glue.

It's Kae's, pink and black with pink elastic and a cupcake. 

And then I busted out some faux leather. 

It didn't turn out as well. 

I sewed a couple blank inserts for Kae 

 Which she's using to keep notes for a story she wants to write. She took notes while I told her about Japan's involent in WW2. 

I've decided I'll buy my fauxdori covers, and have 2 in my etsy shopping cart that I can't decide between. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June Reading List

9.40 Dead Ice - Laurell K Hamilton (6/28) library 4 stars
8.39 Vampire Mistress - Joey Hill (6/?) own 1 star
7.38 Velvet Haven - Sophie Renwick (6/?) own 4 stars
6.37 Sins of the Heart - Eve Silver (6/11) own 5 stars
5.36 reality is Broken - Jane McGonigal (6/10) library 2 stars
4.35 what your 4th grader should know - e.d. Hirsch, jr (6/9) library 4 stars
3.34 House of Leaves - Mark Danielewski (6/9) library - 5 stars
2.33 Harry Potter azkaban - Rowling (6/7) re-read/own
1.32 The Girl at Midnight - Melissa Grey (6/6) library 5 stars

of all the books i read this month that i owned, only one of them "Sins of the Heart" was any good. They're all getting traded in to the used book store for credit and new books.

the two non-fiction were..alright. Reality is Broken was boring to start, and very pretentious. What your 4th grader should know was alright, it was more for Kae to read than me, and we'll revisit it at the end of her 4th grade school year.

The Girl at Midnight and House of Leaves were the favorites. House of Leaves is horror, and very disjointed, which adds so much to the actual fear of it. "That suggests that what you fear most, is fear itself. And that is Very Wise." - Remus Lupin.