Thursday, April 26, 2012

Le Sigh

Connor is two months old. It's been two very long and very short months. He's going to have a complex when he gets older with all his weight issues!

He lost 11 ounces within the first 4 days, the pediatrician wasn't worried, it was within the realm of normal. By 12 days he'd lost another ounce. By three weeks he's gained 6 ounces. I was happy, he'd put on weight, breastfeeding was working! I assumed he'd keep gaining and by two months would weigh between 9-10 pounds.
Boy was I wrong /cry

At two months Connor was at 8 lbs 5 ounces.

The pediatrician gave me a can of formula and said supplement. I cried but said fine. So Monday morning was the first bottle I'd given him. I'd been avoiding it so he wouldn't confuse formula and nursing. He sucked it down after nursing for 40 minutes and was so happy! All day he was so happy.

Tuesday I had to give him more bottles, he'd nurse and cry while doing it, or refuse completely, i was so depressed.

Wednesday early (2am) Connor woke up, nursed for 40 minutes, then sucked down 4 ounces of formula and went back to sleep, while I got pissed. Angry with myself for not trying harder, angry with Ross for giving him bottles even when I asked him not too, and angry with the pediatrician and the doctor/formula company conspiracy to make you spend a billion dollars on formula to feed a baby. I decided I wasn't giving up!

Wednesday started out same as usual, had oatmeal for breakfast with my nursing tea and my fenugreek supplement. Connor nursed 3 times and didn't scream for a bottle. Then after his nap he nursed, and nursed, and nursed. And screamed. He wasn't swallowing, so I called the lactation consultant at the health department.

I have severe under supply, Connor was only gaining weight from the formula Ross was giving him before bed. I made the decision to go to formula last night.

It's been a tough journey for me, I tried really hard for two months, which is more than many people do. But it's not really about me, it's about what's best for Connor. Gaining weight and being happy are more important to me, I'll survive, and now so will he.

Great Grandparents

Sunday kaeley and Connor got to meet their great grandparents (my dad's folks) frank and burdette.

Burdette was diagnosed last week with Alzheimer's disease, she's in the last stage. We didn't really know how bad it was because grandpa couldn't force her to go to the doctor. My dad is not so much a pushover.

Grandpa Frank is so wiped from caring for her, so we brought the kids for him to see kae again and meet Connor.

Now in case anyone is wondering why there are no pictures of kae, it's because she was too busy hanging with uncle zack in the pool to pose /sigh

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Junk in the trunk

So I decided to cloth diaper Connor. At first he was so small they didn't fit at all (the econobum sizes are 8-35lbs, he dropped to 7 even at 2 weeks) but now they're fitting a little.

I bought a couple small bummis whisper wraps from a fellow raveler and a set of infant pre folds from amazon. And a day glo snappi which is maybe the neatest invention ever. No more diaper pins!

I am a big fan of pre folds and covers, and have been knitting a wool soaker to add to the stash. I'm even breaking my yarn diet to buy some wool from Jess over at storied yarns.

He is Connor from the clan McLeod.

I have no idea how much Connor actually weighs right now, he gets his 2 month shots Monday so I'll know then. But it's at least over 8 lbs. the econobums give him a huge fluffy butt!

White butt is econobums, frog pond is bummi wrap :)

Monday, April 9, 2012


Yesterday was Connor's first Easter. No, he didn't get anything by hugs. Though everyone thought I should give him turkey for the tryptophan. ZzZzZz

Kae got a bunch of stuff from the big bunny, a musical basket with a guitar, tambourine and microphone, and a pink skull bucket hat. A flying tinker bell toy, and a freaking ton of candy. (and glitter, hurray).

I has candy, chocolate to be exact. :D

And so this post isn't totally boring, smiling baby picture of doom!