Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Continued Education

So returning to college isn't in the cards right now, no matter how much I'd love it. So, rather than let my brain rot, I'm taking some free online classes.

First I signed up for a walking dead themed class. It's on:

But most of their other options (the ones I wanted to take at least) were expensive. So I used my google-fu

I'm signed up to take some pre-school teacher refreshers, a class about death and the soul, and a class about supernatural elements in writing fiction. 

I have a couple history and archeology classes saved for next session.

Oh! Duh. Website

I'm also taking a class about death from the free Yale site. But that isn't a sign up, it's at your own pace.


I may seem morbid. The classes I signed up for are the ones that are either a) useful to my family - cooking for kids, video games and learning. Or b) things that will keep my attention. It's been 12 years since I've taken any class, online or otherwise. And some (the teaching) give certificates I can add to my application packet for pre-k/CDA teaching jobs.

I sent it to Ross, the website, so he can take their computer and programming classes, for work. Maybe dad will give him a raise >.<

August reading list

In mid September.

I read outlander last month. That's about it.

Oh and a volume of the walking dead, because I was going through withdraw.

September has been just as slow. But I've been knitting and spinning while catching up on Supernatural.