Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Girl Scout Journey

Today we went and got kae's Daisy uniform, she has her first official meeting (for the 6 week series the council runs) and i wanted her to have the fun of wearing her smock!

We also got the Journey book "Daisy Garden" so i guess what's what our Troop will be working on first. Hopefully the Handbooks will be in soon, we pre-ordered it.

Kae's very excited, I'm already exhausted. And man the uniforms are spensive. but it's worth it for 2 years, and honestly, my mom still has my smock from 25 years ago when I was a Daisy. She says she's going to pull it out so the girls can see a "vintage" uniform...blah.

other than that we have a Bento update, today's lunch was a Deconstructed Sandwich (heart shaped bread peices, mickey mouse cheese and hard salami), a baby dill pickle and flower carrots.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Holy Bento Batman!

So kae got a new bento box, we picked the Leaflet Tight Bento with Bag it's the smaller of the two they offer on, but kae didn't want the huge one. Though we might get it for Daddy for Christmas!

She also got a set of heart cookie cutters, in my research I've discovered these can be used as rice molds, to cut sandwiches meat, fruit, etc. And Kae loves anything heart shaped! Along with these cutters we got some small, round, metal cutters in the shape of flowers, mostly for veggies and fruit, we used them with cheese and they're so CUTE! omg.

So today for lunch kae had, green grapes, which she got to wash and cut in half herself, cheddar and white cheddar cheese mickey heads that got cut into little flowers, she got to eat the ears. and Octo-dogs i put them on sticks like the traditional Asian preparation.

My kid is finally happy, she was showing her bento off to everyone in the house, and then at the bus stop this morning. I'm glad to see her happy, it just broke my heart that she was being bullied by the other kids because of her lunch.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


It's been a little while since i've blogged.

Lots going on, i just haven't sat down to type it all out. bad me, i know.

First off, i have my 16 week dr appointment this week for Baby Ponyo (WIP name). Kae is super excited she's going to be a big sister.

We also signed up for Girl Scouts, and tonight i got my packet-o-girls to (finally) start setting up my troop. Yes, i know I'm crazy to be a Troop leader with a baby on the way. Hopefully i'll have a super assistant leader and fantastic volunteers that will pick up my slack when i'm, you know, in labor.

Tonight i had the seminar for the Fall Fundraiser...when did girl scouts start selling nuts and candy? and magazines? really? ok...we'll go with that. For all my peeps who read this, we start selling October First. Cookies are in January. $$$$$$$$$$

I'll have a blog tomorrow about kae's new lunch Sensation with pictures. Tonight all you get is ponyo.